Gay Geeks


Gay Geeks is a far-reaching all inclusive LGBTQ+ Geek & Gaming Community that's been established for 8+ years. Zach designed and developed their website, capturing all of the fun and community Gay Geeks offers.


UI Design, UX Design, & Web Development


Live // Ongoing Development

01. The Challenge

Gay Geeks lacked an online landing outside of its social platforms.

From inside the community, members know that the server is an amazing place — there are events most days of the week and there's always a conversation going on. Zach was recruited to help showcase the best of Gay Geeks to potential users.

02. The Solution

Designing a website that showcased the fun and inclusiveness of Gay Geeks.

With a custom site as unique as the community itself and with Zach's insights into designing for communities and community-tools, Gay Geeks' website became an exciting stepping-stone for new users and a marketing tool for showcasing the server.


Mockup of Auttaja's basics and permissions settings

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