DiscordBots.org Listing for Auttaja

The Auttaja team brought Zach on before to redesign their website and design a dashboard for configuring their popular moderation bot. This time, Zach was asked to design and build a landing page for their bot that would be embedded into a bot-listing site.

Auttaja bot listing for desktop Auttaja bot listing for mobile

Services Rendered

Product Design & Front-End Dev

The Challenge

Push Auttaja's site design beyond utility to entice users.

Auttaja's site, while designed to be attractive, was built for ease of use for existing users rather than as a tool for growing their user-base.

The Solution

Designing and build a responsive landing.

Designing and building a landing page, as well as embedding it in a popular bot-listing service, would help grow their user-base. By showing off the bot's features in a visually appealing way keeps them competitive with other moderation bots.