The Auttaja team energized Discord's bot scene by producing a powerful moderation bot — Auttaja. Zach redesigned their website and designed a dashboard for configuring the bot, visualizing the true nature of Auttaja to help propel the bot to greater things with their upcoming 3.0 release.

Auttaja dashboard basic settings page Auttaja dashboard infractions page Auttaja dashboard starboard configuration page

Services Rendered

UI Design, UX Design

The Challenge

The user experience when configuring Auttaja had room for improvement.

Auttaja had earned enthusiastic praise from Discord users, helping server owners manage and moderate their communities. The bot established a reputation for securely offering a number of useful tools that other bots often lack or lock behind pay gates.

Users were loving Auttaja after it had been set up correctly on their servers, but the staff knew they could do more for its users and meanwhile grow its user base. Their ability to grow in ranks alongside other popular moderation bots depended on improving the user experience with their 3.0 release.

The Solution

Designing a dashboard with the user-friendliest user experience.

Zach needed to get to the core of what caused friction for Auttaja’s users. Luckily, with plenty of UX research experience, he was able to hit the ground running and interview users of competing bots as well as Auttaja's support team.

With custom site components and a new design, and with Zach’s insights and design skill-set, Auttaja’s website was soon designed for a superb user experience.