UI, UX, & Web Design.


Hi. I’m Zach. I design things1 that help people connect with people. I'm a freelancer and a UI/UX for a million+ user moderation bot2.

1. Things like websites, logos, print material, and Dungeons & Dragons maps.
2. Auttaja — a popular Discord moderation bot running in 8,000+ servers for over a million users.

Contact info

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 910.632.0611
Twitter: @pandabeards

Recent Projects

Gay Geeks :: Site Design

Site UI design for Gay Geeks, an LGBTQ+ online Geek & Gaming Community.

Auttaja :: Site/Dashboard Design

Site/dashboard UX & UI design for one of the most popular moderation bots on Discord.

Cypress Assistance Ministries :: Site Design & Development

Site UX & UI design and development for a Texan nonprofit.